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What's New in Version 4.5
RISATower 4.5 features substantially enhanced TIA-222-G compliance as well as numerous improvements affecting analysis and design under all revisions of the TIA-222 Standard.

Designed specifically for the telecommunications industry, RISATower, formerly ERITower, automates much of the tower analysis and design required by the TIA/EIA 222 Standard.

RISATower can analyze and design 3- and 4-sided guyed towers, 3- and 4-sided self-supporting towers and either round or tapered ground mounted poles with or without guys.

The program analyzes towers using the TIA-222-G (2005) standard or any of the previous TIA/EIA standards back to RS-222 (1959). Steel design is checked using the AISC ASD 9th Edition or the AISC LRFD specifications.

Linear and non-linear (P-delta) analyses can be used in determining displacements and forces in the structure. Wind pressures and forces are automatically calculated.

Extensive graphics plots include material take-off, shear-moment, leg compression, displacement, twist, feed line, guy anchor and stress plots.

RISATower contains unique features such as True Cable behavior, hog rod take-up, foundation stiffness and much more.