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Powerful and Flexible Structural Engineering Software for Buildings to manage loads, design members, generate plans, and serve RISA-3D lateral system design information.

RISAFloor has full graphical modeling capabilities that let you draw and edit your model on the screen. You may also use powerful spreadsheets that RISA is known for. Spreadsheets make non-graphical editing easy, and verification a snap. Graphic display of the model, along with applied loads and rendering, is always available. Presentation quality results are provided with interactive results review, quality rendered graphics and custom reports.

What’s New

The many new features we've added with Version 2.0 make it even better. Some of these new features are:
o Designs hot rolled steel (composite and noncomposite), concrete, wood and cold formed steel
o Multiple foreign codes supported for both steel and concrete
o Full model plotting, “floor below” display
o Enhanced joist and joist girder design
o Faster, more robust floor solutions

Overview & Specifications

RISAFloor designs floor systems and works hand in hand with RISA-3D to provide a more complete structural engineering software solution for building design. RISAFloor will manage loads, design beams and columns, create quality CAD drawings, and constantly serve RISA-3D the information that it needs for the design of lateral systems. Working on one model, RISAFloor does all of the bookkeeping, letting you move seamlessly between RISAFloor and RISA-3D.

RISA-3D integrates seamlessly with RISAFloor, allowing you great freedom in defining and analyzing both simple and complex systems. At any time you may move between RISAFloor and RISA-3D to make changes and see how they carry through the project.

Modeling Features:

o Manage one model with both RISAFloor & RISA-3D
o Parent/Child floors that let you mimic one floor within another, eliminating repetitive modeling or modifications.
o Single project grid used on all floors and in RISA-3D
o Versatile drawing grids (orthogonal, radial, skewed)
o Universal and Object Snaps allow you to draw without grids
o Automatic generation of grids, columns, girders, walls, in fill beams, properties, loads, slab edges and decks
o Powerful graphic select/unselect tools including box, line, polygon, invert, criteria, spreadsheet selection, with locking
o Saved selections to quickly recall desired selections
o Modification tools that change multiple items at once
o Multiple slabs allowed on one floor
o Automatic interaction with RISASection libraries
o Extensive DXF import/export of CAD drawings

Analysis Features:

o Smart area loads (additive or exclusive in overlapping regions)
o Tapered area loads and tapered line loads (great for snow)
o Continuous members? Cantilevers? Not a problem!
o Automatic 1-way or 2-way attribution of point, line and area loads to beams, walls and columns
o Automatic Live load reductions
o Automatic wind load and seismic load generation (for RISA-3D)
o Effective width calculations for composite beams
o Automatic checking of deck/slab spans
o Simple and continuous beams with pinned or fixed ends
o Weak axis bending of members
o Detailed deflection analysis and control
o AISC Design Guide 11 beam vibration analysis
o Automatic self-weight calculation
o User defined load combinations, easily edited in spreadsheets

Design Features:

o Designs hot rolled steel (composite and noncomposite), concrete, cold formed steel and wood
o Designs steel and wood joists
o Steel Design Codes: AISC ASD 9th, LRFD 2nd & 3rd, HSS Specification, CAN/CSA-S16.1-1994 & 2004, BS 5950-1-2000, IS 800-1984, Euro 3-1993 including local shape databases
o ACI 1999/2002, BS 8110-97, CSA A23.3-94, IS456:2000,EC 2-1992 with consistent bar sizes through adjacent spans
o Exact integration of concrete stress distributions using parabolic or rectangular stress blocks
o Concrete beam detailing (Rectangular, T and L)
o AISI 1999 cold formed steel design
o NDS 1991/1997/2001 wood design, including Structural Composite Lumber, multi-ply, full sawn
o Interactive member redesign and updating
o Automatic assignment of unbraced lengths with overrides
o Uniform and segmented stud layouts for composite beams
o Optimization of members per code, size and deflection criteria
o Construction dead and live load checking
o AISC, HSS, CAN, ARBED, AISI, NDS, foreign databases
o Steel and Wood product databases
o Model freezing for evaluation of pre-existing designs

Results Features:

o Interactive redesign dialog lets you control the designs
o Graphic presentation of color-coded member results and plotted member designs
o Truly interactive spreadsheet results of: designs, code checks, moments, deflections, shear, reactions, vibrations column forces, column designs and material take offs
o Relative and Absolute (I.e. girder + beam) deflections
o Color plotting & printing of area load and deck assignments, both “as input” and “as applied”
o Generation of CAD drawings including beams, columns, slab edges, member designs and reactions
o Standard and user-defined reports
o Customizable beam detail reports
o Saved solution results

RISA-3D Integration:

RISAFloor and RISA-3D are so tightly integrated that they operate as one program on the same building model. Optimize the gravity system in RISAFloor and the lateral system in RISA-3D, with a free and complete flow of information both ways. Lateral models are created and loaded automatically as you model and solve in RISAFloor. When you are ready to work on the lateral system, RISA-3D takes it from there.
o Gravity loads are automatically applied & updated
o Wind loads (ASCE-7,2002), including partial wind cases, are generated automatically
o Seismic loads (UBC & IBC), including accidental torsion, are generated automatically
o Detailed reports for Wind and Seismic load calculations
o View and edit all loads in RISA-3D’s popular spreadsheets or plot & print them even in the rendered model view
o Combine all gravity and lateral loads in standard load combinations which can be edited by the user

Use all the power of RISA-3D for your lateral system. Tension-only bracing, sloping columns, openings in walls, compression-only soil springs, are just a few of the possibilities. Even better, the RISA-3D and RISAFloor interfaces are the same, making them easier to learn.

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