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Once again RISA Technologies abandons approximate methods for a better solution. RISAFoot provides the only exact solution for spread footings in biaxial loading with uplift. Optimize your spread footings and handle eccentric pedestals and bounding property lines with RISAFoot.

You can apply vertical loads, shears, and moments, in both directions simultaneously. Self weight and overburden are calculated automatically.

RISAFoot will calculate EXACT biaxial soil bearing distributions using advanced computational methods. Don't settle for approximate biaxial solutions, or even worse, design for biaxial loading by combining two separate uniaxial analyses.

RISAFoot determines the optimum footing length, width and thickness to satisfy soil bearing, bending, shear, uplift, and boundary criteria.

Top and bottom reinforcement is specified in both directions. Details may be exported to DXF files.

RISAFoot gives a full pedestal design for axial loads, biaxial bending and shear. Longitudinal bars, development and ties are specified and supporting design information is reported.

Overturning & Sliding
RISAFoot separates load contributions for overturning and stabilizing forces, satisfies the desired factor of safety and reports the overturning and stabilizing moments. Sliding checks verify that the applied forces can be resisted by the calculated soil friction force and user defined passive soil resistance.

Feature Specifications

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