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Overview & Specifications

Finally your base plate analysis can be as accurate as your frame analysis! RISABase is an advanced base plate and anchor bolt design program written specifically for Windows 95/98/NT. An incredibly easy interface combined with advanced computational methods provides you with a base plate design tool of unparalled power.

Ever have columns get "misplaced" on their base plates and then have to see if they still satisfy the design criteria ? RISABase's advanced analysis capabilities make it uniquely suited for tasks like checking base plates with misaligned columns or checking the effects of adding more anchor bolts. Basic Features: Loads - You can apply vertical, shear and moment loads in both directions simultaneously. RISABase will calculate an accurate biaxial solution using finite element analysis. You no longer have to settle for a possibly incorrect "approximate" biaxial solution, or even worse, designing for biaxial loading by combining two separate uniaxial analyses.

Interface - RISABase uses an advanced multiple window interface. We make minimal use of clumsy dialog boxes that allow you access to only one input panel at a time. With RISABase any or all of the input windows can be open and active simultaneously. For example, you can edit your loads and load combinations at the same time, and if you want to change a material property, you can do it immediately without closing either the loads or combinations window. This is a feature you won't appreciate until you try it.

A short list of some of RISABase's other features:

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