“IronCAD is one of those pioneer innovative products that changes the entire market.”

– Computer Aided Engineering Magazine

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IronCAD IntelliShapes are “cruised” over the surface of parts. This user defined behavior 'is consistent throughout the design process, even after the addition of details such as fillets or the attachment of additional IntelliShape features.

The only true 3D design environment for solid modeling dramatically enhances productivity for new and experienced users alike. All other PC-based solid modelers apply a real or emulated Windows UI to traditional mainframe or UNIX modeling architectures; IronCAD was engineered "from the ground up" with visual drag and drop concepts at the core of its 3D architecture, intuitively extending Windows concepts into 3D. The result is native Windows solid modeling where 3D features, parts and assemblies are manipulated as easily as text in a word processor.

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